Arapahoe Hunt Club


The Arapahoe Hunt

While being an astute businessman, his true love in life was ranching with a special fondness for horses.  In 1929 Phipps resurrected the Arapahoe Hunt Club, a prestigious group of horseback riding hunters, many wearing the traditional red vestments and aided by a band of eager hounds pursuing coyotes as opposed to the English tradition of foxes.  Frank Kistler granted permission in 1929 for the club to headquarter and hunt at the Diamond K Ranch.  A few years later Lawrence was honored with the title of Master of the Hunt, a position he held for many years.   Lawrence Phipps Jr. was considered an expert on the Hunt, and even wrote a book about the Hunt, the people, the horses, and the hounds. 





Following Lawrence Phipps Jr. death and the subsequent sale of Highlands Ranch to Mission Viejo, the Arapahoe Hunt needed to find a new location to hunt.  The Hunt continued to thrive, and here is a link to the current AHC website.