Continued Growth of Highlands Ranch 1997-Present

Douglas County Government

Highlands Ranch is unincorporated, and is located at the northern edge of Douglas County.


Highlands Ranch is served by Douglas County for critical services including:

  • Douglas County Public Schools
  • Douglas County Sheriff, with a sub-station located at Town Center
  • Douglas County Library

Highlands Ranch Metro District  (HRMD)

As the local government in our community, the Highlands Ranch Metro District Board of Directors is comprised of seven elected board members who represent the citizens of Highlands Ranch.

The Metro District is committed to providing the following high-quality municipal services while managing resources wisely for Highlands Ranch.

  • Construction of major roads
  • Installation and maintenance of landscaping and fences adjacent to major roads
  • Installation of traffic signals and streetlights on major roads
  • Construction and maintenance of parks and trails                                                                            

Falcon Park

Redstone Skate Park



  • Youth and adult outdoor recreation and sports programs
  • Management and maintenance of extensive natural open space areas
  • Construction of storm drainage facilities
  • Water and wastewater services through a contract with Centennial Water & Sanitation District

  • Community events and volunteer opportunities
  • Active adult/senior programs and services
  • Operation of the Highlands Ranch Mansion 

Mission Statement
Committed to providing quality municipal services while managing resources wisely for the community of Highlands Ranch.

Metro District works cooperatively with various other entities to provide essential services to residents including:

  • Xcel Energy, for Street Lighting
  • South Metro Fire Dept. for Fire Protection



Population:  98,000                Miles of Trails:  70+ miles        Parks:  26             Acres of Open Space:  2650



Highlands Ranch Community Association (HRCA)

  • HRCA, the largest community association in the nation, is responsible for management and maintenance of four state-of-the-art recreation centers, the Backcountry Wilderness Area, architectural review of residential improvements, covenant enforcement, commercial development review, assessment billing and collection, community leadership, community events, and recreational programming.
  • The Mission of HRCA is to protect and enhance the quality, value, desirability, and attractiveness of all properties which are part of the community association.
  • HRCA Offers a wealth of Recreational, Educational and Lifestyle Services for all ages, including 4 large and comprehensive Recreation Centers—Northridge, Eastridge, Westridge, Southridge as well as activities throughout the Ranch

 Eastridge, Administration Offices



 Northridge, First Recreation Center built


Southridge, Houses the Auditorium 

  • Governed by a Board of Directors, Delegates, and General Manager
  • Property management for residences is controlled via the Community Declaration and other governing documents, such as CC & R’s –Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions, which are legally binding for Homeowners, filed with the State of Colorado. The CC & Rs cover the rights and obligations of both the HOA to its members, and also the obligations of the members to the Association.  Covenant enforcement is not a favorite topic, but HRCA ensures that property values remain high in the community and that Highlands Ranch remains a great place to live, work, and play. As a covenant-controlled community, HRCA is bound by the Community Declaration and other governing documents to enforce the covenants of the community.

The Highlands Ranch Mansion 2020

Photo courtesy of HR Metro District and


Highlands Ranch Historic Park

The Mansion and grounds currently occupies about 50 acres, and includes the Young (Chum Howe) House and Marian's Garden as well as  1.4 miles of  soft surface trails and commanding views.    

The planned Historic Park will surround and include the Mansion, the Young (Chum Howe) House as well as the "working ranch" side, with its barns, corrals, outbuildings, and famous "windmill".  This 250 acre park will undoubtably become  a favorite and well-utilized part of Highlands Ranch, helping even more to integrate the history and charm of the ranching days gone by with the modern and active lifestyle of todays Highlands Ranch residents.  The main purpose of the ranching had been beef production, and in addition dairy facilities were present, with the brick silos holding cattle feed.  Other buildings included bunkhouses, general maintainance facilities, corrals, and homes for the ranch managers.  Calving and branding operations were a highlight of the cattle season. 

The "iconic" windmill still stands south of the Mansion.  It housed the primary well used for the Mansion and ranching operations.   There had been dual windmills, a small building, and open water storage.  During the Phipps ownership, this field stone area had been a prime home for rattlesnakes!! Today the beautiful windmill is photographed in all seasons and weather, standing alone as a beacon, drawing our attention to this historic park.

The Ranch Historic Park buildings looking southwest.


The Ranch Historic Park buildings looking north.

The Ranch iconic windmill at sunset.

Marian's Garden near the front of the Mansion.